Born in the French Alps, David Jayet-Laraffe moved to London in 1998 to pursue a career as a floral artist. He initially worked under Jane Packer, the internationally acclaimed florist who David still cites as the greatest influence on his style.

His philosophy is to be ‘joyful, uncontrived and natural', ideals that direct his UK studio Frog today.

Frog invited us to reimagine its identity in preparation for its first Selfridges store.

Through immersion and in-depth co-creation we identified a strategy and design language that would drive growth whilst also enhancing everything that makes Frog’s independent, irreverent brilliance so compelling.

Each expression of the brand conveys Frog’s love for creating unexpected moments of joy through inventive and elegant design, language and photography.

This is best enjoyed as a complete experience, either at Frog’s stunning, unconventional Selfridges store, at the Flower School or on its updated digital channels.