Accidental heroes

Federal is an independent Antipodean coffee shop based in Manchester. Started simply as a means to fund owner Claudio’s passion for skydiving, Federal’s brunch menu – featuring only high-quality, fresh ingredients from local suppliers – has become so popular that they’re opening another location and have an online fanbase with upwards of 20k Instagram followers.

As you might expect with such an accidental brand, it has evolved without consistency, so Bert was invited to help bring the brand to life. Our challenge was to create a brand identity that captures the warmth, authenticity and laid-back charm that customers love about a visit to Federal.

The right wavelength

To fully understand the Federal brand, we immersed ourselves in their unique, community-focused atmosphere by regularly visiting the café, experiencing their amazing brunch and enjoying their coffee.

We worked in close collaboration with the Federal team using our CoCreation method to understand what makes Federal so unique and to understand their reason for existing, which formed the basis of the narrative and visual identity.

If the Federal team aren’t proud, they aren’t done.

Our co-creation process defined the key themes that make Federal so unique: pride, community, being welcoming and having a sense of fun, but also with elements of rawness and a clear desire to be truly authentic.

The brand identity allows for lots of individual expression and flexibility. It uses hand-drawn elements and illustrations to add heaps of character and allow the brand’s personality to shine through. The redesigned logo captures Federal's easy going nature, portraying a wave or a flag flying in a warm summer breeze.

Home from home

Federal is much more than a coffee shop and cafe, it has created it's own community in the heart of Manchester. The new identity bottles this atmosphere and already feels like it has always been a part of the Federal family.
Indeed, some of the Australian staff have commented that it "feels like home".