We Are Hiring

Ideas to Improve the World

Our Purpose is the challenge we set for every project.

It means we only work with brands we believe in. Brands that add value to lives. And brands with the potential to create ripples of improvement across the world.

Our team of highly talented, ambitious and curious people are central to this. Our culture encourages personal and professional growth, enabling us to deliver against our Purpose.

We are recruiting for the following roles:

  • > Senior Designer
  • > Midweight Designer
  • > Account Director
  • > Project Manager
  • > Front of House


Our Offer:

  • >Highly conceptual studio with a regular flow of unique, creative projects for a broad range of incredible clients;
  • >Our culture and colleague strategy encourages professional and personal growth, a positive work life balance is central to everything we do;
  • >Our values were created together, and underpin our work and culture: Lead, Share, Do.
  • >A flexible, mature approach to hours, contracts and working patterns;
  • >Overseas travel opportunities. Recent whole team excursions include our launch in Madrid; co-creation in Belgium with Zeb; and experiencing and documenting the Cypriot way of life for P S Lambis.
  • >A beautifully designed HQ in Ancoats, Manchester and small, but perfectly formed studios in London and Madrid.



  • >Pay above the industry benchmark to ensure we attract and retain the best talent;
  • >Contributory pension;
  • >Private healthcare;
  • >Gym membership;
  • >Monthly colleague recognition and rewards.


How to Apply:

Keep it simple.

Send a short application with your CV and samples of your work to:

Studio Roles:

  • > Senior Designer: nick.yates@bertagency.co.uk
  • > Midweight Designer: nick.yates@bertagency.co.uk


Strategy Roles:

  • > Account Director: alex.fraser@bertagency.co.uk
  • > Project Manager: alex.fraser@bertagency.co.uk
  • > Front of House: alex.fraser@bertagency.co.uk


All applications will be processed discretely.


Applications from or via recruitment agencies will not be accepted. 

We are passionate about recruiting candidates directly and have an excellent track record in doing so. 

We'd like to share some news with you…

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Can places be purposeful?

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31 January 2017

A new home for Bert HQ

As some of you know we recently upped sticks to our new home in Ancoats where, in between enjoying the delights of Rudy’s and Second City, we’ve squeezed in some exceedingly exciting plans.

Tate Britain and Tate Modern

22 January 2017

Tate Britain and Tate Modern

Bert was commissioned to create a series of animated trailers to preview upcoming exhibitions at the Tate and Tate Modern.

Working in the North's spiritual capital

19 January 2017

Working in the North's spiritual capital

The North’s spiritual capital for 2000 years, Bert was very proud to work with the prestigious York Museums Trust.

Rebranding Flow

15 January 2017

Rebranding Flow

Our strategy and rebrand for cloud accounting experts Flow had an immediate and tangible impact.